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Weight Loss, Cellulite treatment,
Body correction with non-surgical methods
Professional Programs by  Perle de Mer
Revitalizing and Correction Lines of the Body

The product is made only from vegetable (including algae) extracts, that are particularly rich in sea salts and  minerals, vitamins, iodine and microelements. They provide:
  • Metabolic stimulation of cells
  • Activation of inner glands, especially that of thyroid gland
  • Blood and lymph circulation
  • Restoration of hydro-lipid balance
  • Elimination of  toxins and waste
  • Fat burning
  • General toning up 

 Perle de Mer  Professional Lines:

  • Weight loss
  • Silhouette modelling
  • Cellulite treatment
  • Tissue renewal
  • Gain back skin elasticity
  • Prevent varicose veins Relieve  “tired and heavy“  legs


Composition: Fucus, kelp 

Eliminates excess water from the body, waste and toxins, resulting  in weight loss. Makes body healthier, supplies microelements and regulates metabolic processes.
Ingredients: Green tea, kelp, Rosemary ethyl oil
Intensive program for slimming, cellulite treatment and silhouette modelling.
Ingredients: kelp, guarana, methyl nicotine, rosemary and lemon ethyl oils
Cellulite treatment, slimming, silhouette modelling.
Methyl nicotine content in the mask activates microcirculation  that  facilitates  full absorption of  the rest of the components.
Ingredients:Gourana, kelp,  rosemary, ethyl oil
Intensive program for cellulite treatment, slimming, silhouette modelling.
Regulates metabolic processes, nourishes and moisturises the skin.

Ingredients: kelp, horse-chestnut, spirulina, caoline

Thalasotyherapy -  restores  turgor. It is effective for cellulite treatment, slimming, silhouette modelling. Strengthens vascular walls. Regulates metabolic processes, nourishes and moisturises the skin. 

Body Treatment and Cosmetic Programmes
Professional Programs by ERICSON  LABORATOIRE

Cellulite, local fat deposit, skin turgor
Anti-cellulite effect of this program is achieved by applying contrasting temperatures -  “warm-cold”  masks.
Warming a certain  part of the body causes vaso-dilation and the intensive  flow of the blood towards hypoderma,  eases the absorption of lipolytic substances into the sub-cutaneous tissue.
In the next phase,  cold temperature causes reactive vaso-constriction.
Such “passive exercise” of blood vessels  strengthens  blood circulation, which in its turn drains toxins, excess liquid and metabolic substances, also burns excess fat,  restores  elasticity and tones up  lymphatic channels and vascular walls.
Slimming, body contour correction, activation of  lipolisis and metabolism.
The following cosmetic means used in this program are sea weeds  (fucus, kelp). They contain great amount of mineral salts and microelements  that help drain toxic substances, weight loss, skin regeneration, has long lasting moisturising and toning up effect.
Pain in the legs, feeling of heaviness, swelling, blood circulation disorder
Application of cold bandage and limpho draining massage restores  lymphatic and blood circulation, improves trophism and oxigenisation of tissues, as a result,  pain in  the  legs, tiredness,  swelling and venous  congestion disappears.
Cryodrainage is the best means of treatment and prevention of vaso dilation if it is in the initial phase.


Stress, nervous tension, painful joints,  firm cellulite, body contour correction.

This procedure will restore your health and is rather enjoyable. It is recommended  for those, who live under constant stress, do not move much, or on the contrary, have to stand  for a long time. Due to such lifestyles the spine and joints lose elasticity.
The clay used in this program actively restores the mineral contents of the skin and absorbs toxic substances.  The micro-organisms in its content regulate blood circulation and the collagen structure.
Oligothermy is an  ideal means for “fibrosis” cellulite treatment. In medicinal practices it is successfully used for the treatment of inflammatory processes (ostheoarthritis, rheumatism, myalgia, lumbago) and burns.
 Water-salt imbalance, swelling, reduction of skin tone
This  method of intensive treatment has a dual  impact:  it enriches the skin with  mineral salts and their compounds and at the same time purifies it from waste and metabolic products. It is good for the prevention of metabolic disorders.
Osmotherapy is successful due to  natural herandis salts'unique physical and chemical characteristics.
Cellulite, local deposit of fat, lymphatic circulation disorder, vaso-dilation, stretches

Anti-cellulite strategy implies active pressure on skin and fat tissues, also on pathological changes due to cellulite, and it has a simultaneous impact on the following:

  • Fat break-up activation (lipolisis)
  • Complete regeneration of microcirculation
  • Tissue  swelling reduction
  • Pain reduction
  • Cell protection against the impact of free radicals

The lipothermic mask used in this program causes gradual, local warming of the body, that helps active absorption of lipolitic ingredients.


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