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Therapeutic and VIP Massage

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Therapeutic Massage
Can be carried out only on physician's prescription
  • Massage of the head

Trauma, hair shedding, mental tiredness,  headache, seborrhea

  • Face massage

Neurological diseases, trauma, cosmetic pathologies of the skin, pain syndromes, seborrhea

  • Neck massage

Cardio-vascular and central nervous systems, backbone, pathologies, osteochondrosis, migraine

  • Massage of  limbs

Trauma of soft tissues, diseases of peripheral nerves, articulations  and  bones.

  • Limphodrainage  massage

lymphatic and venous congestion       

  • Back and waist massage

Myositis, diseases of peripheral nervous system and musculoskeletal system, neuralgias.

  • Chest and abdominal massage

Cardio-vascular and digestion system diseases, metabolic disorders

  • Lup  massage with dead sea salts

Diseases caused by kidneys, metabolic disorder,  purification of the body from waste and toxins.

  • Relaxation massage

Psycho-emotional exhaustion, tiredness, stress, syndrome of fatigue

VIP   Massage
  • "Express - antistress"

quick relief of stress and tiredness

  • "Velvet skin" - "Super Lift"

face, decolete, shoulders and back skin elasticity

  • "Amber Drop"

massage with honey

  • Lipo-massage - body modelling

celulite treatment (I-II stages)

  • "Helthy Legs"

vaso dilation prevention

  • Massage for the Pregnant

relieve swollen legs, improve psycho-emotional state

  • Post-natal rehabilitation

body correction, anti-stress


Georgia, Tbilisi, 0108, 13 M. Kostava str. Tel/Fax: 92 26 13; 93 20 69; 98 44 23; 99 78 33