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The centre carries out scientific-clinical research in dermato-cosmetology, particularly in mezotherapy, using  home-produced drugs. For example, positive medicinal and cosmetological  effects have been achieved in  the complex treatment of acne and rozacea with the application of Plaferon. Taking into consideration the importance of immunological system in the ethiopathogenesis of the diseases, we carry out immunomonitoring of our patients which provides their active immunorehabilitation and considerably increases the effect of dermato-cosmetological treatment.


One of the major trends of the centre is the investigation of microelements in  patients with different pathologies.  It is planned to establish biochemical and biophysical laboratories. On the basis of precise diagnostic apparatus of the spectrum of microelements, (that play the essential role in the regulation of all the systems of the organism), we will develop adequate  treatment methodologies in the field of correction,  including dermato-cosmetology.


Skin ageing (photo- and chrono-ageing)  proves to be one of the most important issues in therapeutic cosmetology. Ageing, as such, is a general concept and it exceeds the limits of  dermato-cosmetology. Thus,  for the solution of this problem,   it is necessary to involve wide range of specialists, such as  biologists, biochemists, biophysicists and others, along with physicians of different profiles. Our centre carries out scientific research work  into the biological and photoageing problems and is planning to hold the international conference in which  specialists of various  profiles will take part.


The centre initiated the first international conference on “Dermato-cosmetology – XXI century”, held in 2004, which laid the foundation for the scientific and practical development of dermato-cosmetology, as of a separate field.


Conference materials have been published in the Journal of Georgian learned experts’council “Experimental and Clinical Medicine” N 3. The entire issue of the was dedicated to the problems of dermato-cosmetology.


Within the conference program framework, the Centre held two-day scientific-practical seminars in mezotherapy delivered by Dr. Petit, E. Eropkina; masterclasses on the application of (Maria Galland, Perl de Merr) and  in other continuous medical educational programmes (cellulite – ethiology, pathogenesis, classification, diagnostics, treatment; application of chemical and laser peeling in dermato-cosmetological practices)


The Centre of Aesthetic Medicine “Marjani” is publishing the manual “Practical Dermato-cosmetology” (based on the works of S.N. Akhtyamov, U. S. Butov “Practical Dermatocosmetology”) in Georgian, which is designed for postgraduate medical students (electronic version of the book will soon be available).

The Centre of Aesthetic Medicine

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Educational Courses in Dermato-cosmetology

(License N 033421202 of the Ministry of Education of Georgia)


The following topics appear on the course programme


    Skin structure and functions

    Photo- and chrono- ageing of the skin

     External skin therapy and cosmetological means

     Hardware application in cosmetology and basics of physiotherapy

    Cryotherapy and cryosurgery

     Chemical peeling


     Dermato-cosmetological aspects of acne and acne rosacea

     Classification and correction of scars

     Cellulite and body aesthetics

      Therapeutic and health massage


Master classes are held on the basis of the Centre of Aesthetic Medicine


Dermato-cosmetological educational courses are headed by Nata Kiladze, MD, PhD, assistent-professor, dermato-venerologist


Theoretical and practical classes are delivered by the medical staff of the centre


Graduate, undergraduate medical students and nurses  will be admitted to the courses (Students will have to present the relevant documentation testifying their level of education)


The cost of the course is 500 GeL (the students of medical institutes will enjoy a 20% discount)


The length of the course is 100 hours. Day and evening classes are available


Upon successful graduation of the course, the students will be awarded the certificate testifying the course completion.

Georgia, Tbilisi, 0108, 13 M. Kostava str. Tel/Fax: 92 26 13; 93 20 69; 98 44 23; 99 78 33