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NLS Diagnostic Apparatus «Oberon»

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Non-linear diagnostic systems are medical technologies that belong to the most incredible and prospective achievements in medicine. This unique diagnostic device is based on spectrum analysis of hurricane magnetic fields of live organisms. NLS systems allow us to get the most complete possible information about the human's health and to diagnose the deseases at an early stage.
« Oberon » is characterized by high adaptability, since its use is not connected with radiation or high tension magnetic fields and other harmful influences. It has an advantage over such traditional methods of medical diagnostics as are ultra sound investigation, X- ray, computer tomography, thus,  it can be applied to the pregnant or new - born patients.
« Oberon » is used for the investigation of any state of the organism. It is possible to diagnose different deseases (disseminated sclerosis, tumours, etc.) at an early stage, while any other method can detect the process in an already  developed phase.


Diagnostic of different systems of organs
  • Urogenital system
    Identification of microorganisms- chlamidiosis, ureaplasmosis,       mycoplasmosis,  trichomoniasis, gonorrhoea  
  • Investigation of respiratory systems
    Identifdentification of microorganisms
  • Investigation of abdominal organs
    Identification of helminthiasis
  • Investigation of cardio-vascular system
  • Investigation of nervous system
  • Vertebral investigation
  • Investigation of an entire organism


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